Good Things Happen in TopTec Tents

Rental Companies need a Tent Partner they can count on. With TopTec, you can provide your customers durable, easy to set-up, worry-free frame tents, keder frame tents, pole tents and tension tents. TopTec tents work for every type of celebration – from parties and weddings to festivals and corporate events.

TopTec Frame Tents

Frame Tents

From back-yard parties to large, corporate events, TopTec’s frame tents are available in a variety of styles and custom sizes designed for your client’s unique events.

TopTec Pole Tents

Pole Tents

TopTec’s Pole Tents continue to live up to their reputation within the industry as the most durable tents of their kind.

TopTec Tension Tents

Tension Tents

Forget hours of set-up. TopTec’s Epic Tension Tents come with a batwing design that simplifies installation and reduces labor cost. Available in single or twin pole versions.

FutureTrac Keder Frame Tents

Keder Frames

FutureTrac and FutureLite Frame tents bring together the technology of today’s structured fabric system with the installer-friendly design of a Western Style tube system.

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TopTec Custom Tent Design

Add your branding, colors or unique graphics to a custom-designed tent from TopTec. Our in-house design team can help with customized tent tops, unique frames and one-of-a-kind accessories. We even do customized training programs to get your team up to speed.

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Meet TopTec’s hybrid tension/keder frame tent

Partnerships make amazing things happen!

Developed through our creative tent division, Imagine, this 100’ diameter hybrid kedered tension/frame structure is one of the most ambitious engineered tents TopTec has ever designed!

Designed for a live celebration including music and guest speakers, the Imagine team worked in partnership with the event organizer, a structural metal fabricator and the installation team to create an immersive event venue like no other

This latest creation includes:

  • Sectional top that are highlighted with black accents inside and out, creating an eye catching aerial view.
  • A clear peak to allow evening event lighting to draw the eye of both attendees and passing traffic.
  • A hydraulic lift for easier installs. Though you don’t see it in the video, the internal structure raises and lowers on a hydraulic lift so the clear top and sections can be attached from the ground, then raised and tensioned.
  • A design with the elements in mind. The top comes complete with weather-tight “boots” at the tops of the columns.

Just imagine what we could do together for your most demanding customers!

Contact your TopTec tent solutions specialist or a member of our customer solutions team. We’re here to help you bring solutions to your customers and their biggest events!

Imagine Event Tent Services from TopTec

TopTec has always been a tent partner with the creative resources to design one-of-a-kind tents. Imagine takes that creative energy one step further and focuses it on developing tents that capture attention and provide the backdrop for creating experiential events and one-of-a-kind celebrations.

Experiential events are becoming more and more prevalent, and it’s no longer reserved for just large brands. Wedding planners, local event planners and even collegiate teams are looking for better ways to connect with their attendees and fans by creating immersive event experience that wow guests from every angle. That’s exactly where Imagine comes into play.

Imagine will collaborate with event rental companies to develop tents that go beyond the ordinary industry designs, including faux finishes for framework and custom tent graphics that reinforce an event theme or corporate brand.