FlexDoors – Ultimate Flexibility

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FlexDoors – 4 Interchangeable Panels

FlexDoors come with standard clear panels and solid panels in addition Flexdoors come with interchangeable color panel options and custom graphics for both top and bottom panels.


  • Standard Panels – FlexDoors come with café-style clear top panels and solid bottom panels.

  • Interchangeable Panels – Switch up the look from event to event with clear, solid, mesh and colored panels so you can create a unique entrance for any event.

  • Custom Graphics Create a custom entrance with custom printed graphic panels for corporate or sponsored events.

Standard Panels

Color Panels

Custom Graphics

Available Sizes & Options

  • Double Door Set – 72″ x 80″

  • Single Door Conversion Kit
    This kit converts TopTec’s double door set to 2 single doors

  • Replacement Panel Inserts

  • Color Panel Inserts

  • Custom Graphics Panel Inserts

  • Storage Crate (optional)

  • Keder Strip