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12 09, 2019

Easy Tent Setup with Keder Frames


If you’ve worked in the event rental industry — specifically the tent side of things — for more than a few weeks, you’ve likely had at least one nightmare roof panel that brought you to your knees. Whether you spent hours struggling with lace lines, trying to disengage damaged side-release buckles or simply cursing Mother [...]

Easy Tent Setup with Keder Frames2019-09-12T19:05:06-04:00
20 10, 2018

Tension Is A Good Thing


Not all pole tents are created equal. How TopTec's tension tents use advanced engineering and materials to withstand higher wind loads.

Tension Is A Good Thing2019-08-07T18:23:52-04:00
24 09, 2018

Strong Foundations


Hurricane Florence dominated headlines with tales of the catastrophic damage caused by winds, rain and flooding. Each of these elements unleashed by Mother Nature brought into focus the instability of different structures– trees, buildings, bridges and roads - when lashed by extreme conditions. If the foundation in any system isn’t strong enough to resist outside [...]

Strong Foundations2019-08-08T11:19:46-04:00
20 09, 2018

Why Keder’s the Way to Go


Keder.  What is it, exactly?  It’s the present and future of tents, that’s what. Technically speaking, keder is a bead that’s attached to the edge of a fabric panel that allows the fabric to engage in a corresponding “track” in a frame.  It is seen in a litany of applications, but the one we are [...]

Why Keder’s the Way to Go2019-08-08T11:12:31-04:00


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