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It is an honor to be a part of this industry. An industry that can create a safe, functional space quickly, especially during these uncertain times brought on by COVID-19.

As many communities begin to re-open restaurants, shopping centers and more, TopTec has developed solutions to expand dining space, create safe entryways and offer outdoor celebrations.

Our shipping and manufacturing teams are here to make and ship your orders quickly. Plus, we have a great selection of frame and pole tents in stock for last-minute requests that need fast delivery to your location. Our technical solutions team is also available to help you bring your best to the table with creative concepts, problem-solving strategies and tent layouts for all sizes and venue configurations.

These tent layouts and design options are available to support you as you support your community.

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What We Do

TopTec can provide durable, easy to set-up, worry-free frame tents, keder frame tents, pole tents and accessories such as walls and doors for almost every situation and site requirements. We are also connected with a nationwide network of rental professionals. This network can support your efforts with on-site installation and additional services/equipment that you need to create a safe, secure area for patients and health care professionals on the front lines.

TopTec Frame Tents

Frame Tents

From drive-thru testing centers to meal pick-up locations, TopTec’s frame tents are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

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TopTec Pole Tents

Pole Tents

TopTec’s Pole Tents are durable and able to serve as private meeting areas for team updates and meal/break areas for staff.

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FutureTrac Keder Frame Tents

Keder Frames

FutureTrac and FutureLite Frame tents have channels in rafters and frame work. Tops and walls slide in snug to protect from the elements.

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TopTec Tension Tents


We carry a full line of accessories for each TopTec tent. From doors and sidewalls to repair kits and anchoring devices.

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