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TopTec Event Tents manufactures tents for the event rental industry. If you are interested in renting a tent for a party or special event, please contact your local event rental company. If you are a private company or individual, we’ll be glad to connect you with a TopTec dealer near you.


Why Choose TopTec

TopTec Tents are designed for durability and reliability. Our consistent manufacturing process ensures your TopTec Tent will continue to function in the field over years of use, saving you from costly delays and repairs.

At TopTec we are dedicated to helping you solve your rental challenges and meet the needs of your most demanding customers. We not only give you the products you need, we also provide you with quality support to help grow your business. At TopTec we don’t succeed unless you do.

Choosing your tent partner is just as important and TopTec’s customer service is second to none. Your success is our driving motivation and that means you’ll always have the support, service and resources you need to turn your customers into fans, every time..

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