Imagine Event Tent Services by TopTec
Imagine Custom Event Tents

Imagine Event Tent Services by TopTec

Go beyond the ordinary to create an immersive event experience like none other.

Custom tops, framework and graphics with the quality and reliability that you expect from a TopTec tent.

Omni 360 Tent by TopTec
Serpentine Tent by TopTec
Monoslope Tent by TopTec
Custom Graphic Event Tents
Imagine Omni Serpentine Event TentImagine Omni Serpentine Event TentImagine Event Tent Services from TopTec
Custom Shaped Event TentsCustom Shaped Event TentsImagine Event Tent Services from TopTec
Omni Serpentine Custom Shaped Event TentOmni Serpentine Custom Shaped Event Tent
Omni 360 Circular Event TentOmni 360 Circular Event Tent
Omni 360 Round Tent by TopTecOmni 360 Round Tent by TopTec
Omni Monoslope Event TentOmni Monoslope Event Tent
Omni Monoslope Tent by TopTecOmni Monoslope Tent by TopTec
Custom Sierra Event TentCustom Sierra Event Tent
Custom Graphics on TopTec SierraCustom Graphics on TopTec Sierra
Custom Future Trac Event TentCustom Future Trac Event Tent
Custom Graphics on Future TracCustom Graphics on Future Trac
Future Trac Event Tent from TopTecFuture Trac Event Tent from TopTec
Imagine Event Tent Services from TopTec

Imagine | Beyond the Ordinary

TopTec has always been a tent partner with the creative resources to design one-of-a-kind tents. Imagine takes that creative energy one step further and focuses it on developing tents that capture attention and provide the backdrop for creating experiential events and one-of-a-kind celebrations.

Experiential events are becoming more and more prevalent, and it’s no longer reserved for just large brands. Wedding planners, local event planners and even collegiate teams are looking for better ways to connect with their attendees and fans by creating immersive event experience that wow guests from every angle. That’s exactly where Imagine comes into play.

Imagine will collaborate with event rental companies to develop tents that go beyond the ordinary industry designs, including faux finishes for framework and custom tent graphics that reinforce an event theme or corporate brand.

Just Imagine What We Can Create Together