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TopTec tents are designed for tolerance and reliability. Designed to install 25% – 50% faster than comparable tents, TopTec helps you save labor dollars and reduce installation time for your team. Our consistent manufacturing processes ensure every TopTec tent will continue to function in the field over years of use, saving you from costly delays and repairs.

Whether you need the crisp, sharp lines of our Epic Pole Tent for an elegant corporate event or the versatility of TopTec’s kedered frame Future Series – FutureTrac and FutureLite – for a long-term installation, our tent line is designed to help you grow your tent rental business.

Why Choose TopTec?

TopTec Tents are designed for durability and reliability. Our consistent manufacturing process ensures your TopTec Tent will continue to function in the field over years of use, saving you from costly delays and repairs.

At TopTec we are dedicated to helping you solve your rental challenges and meet the needs of your most demanding customers. We not only give you the products you need, we also provide you with quality support to help grow your business. At TopTec we don’t succeed unless you do.

TopTec’s customer service is second to none. Your success is our driving motivation and that means you’ll always have the support, service and resources you need to turn your customers into fans, every time.

TopTec Frame Tents

Frame Tents

From back-yard parties to large, corporate events, TopTec’s frame tents are available in a variety of styles and custom sizes designed for your client’s unique events.

TopTec Pole Tents

Pole Tents

TopTec’s Pole Tents continue to live up to their reputation within the industry as the most durable tents of their kind.

TopTec Tension Tents

Tension Tents

Forget hours of set-up. TopTec’s Epic Tension Tents come with a batwing design that simplifies installation and reduces labor cost. Available in single or twin pole versions.

FutureTrac Keder Frame Tents

Keder Frames

FutureTrac and FutureLite Frame tents bring together the technology of today’s structured fabric system with the installer-friendly design of a Western Style tube system.

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