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Featured Custom Design

Monoslope Keder Frame

This TopTec dealer needed a long-term event space that kept the elements out while offering an unobstructed view of the nearby waterway plus easy access at multiple entrance points for guests. TopTec’s design team created a custom keder-frame tent that solved each challenge.

  • Special Top Design – provided unobstructed sight lines from second story balcony and dining room.
  • Unique Frame – allowed easy ingress/egress between event spaces by aligning leg spacing with permanent uprights for the existing building
  • Clear Visibility – Clear panel options gave open views of the nearby waterway.

Case Studies

Party on the Patio2017-04-24T19:54:44-04:00

Washington, DC – This venue in the metro DC area was practically begging for a custom tent to cover the marble patio area and complement the architecture of the building for upscale events regularly hosted by the owner.  A single-slope custom tent featuring clear tops was designed and fabricated to encompass every square foot of the elevated patio.  While the perimeter maintained a constant elevation around a corner, the mids terminated against the nooks and crannies of the walls of the building, leaving very minimal uncovered area. The custom structure also featured a cantilevered edge to evacuate all water beyond the raised wall of the patio.

War Eagle2017-04-24T19:53:44-04:00

Auburn, AL – When architects designed Auburn University’s new state-of-the-art events pavilion, they did so with a tent in mind. The pavilion features a permanent structure with fully retractable walls and a climate controlled custom 35’x65’ Future Trac on 11’ legs. The tent was built from custom 18oz blackout beige material specified by the architect. To house the dedicated HVAC system, a lean-to component was added to one gable end to fully enclose that equipment. A custom hard gutter system was designed to capture and evacuate water shed off the tent roof along the portion that sits against a permanent brick wall, which also happens to be home to several flat-screen TV’s.

Multiple Structures into One2017-04-24T19:52:41-04:00

Greenville, SC – The owners of a local floral shop and gardens needed a custom tent to cover their patio area so they could host daily lunches and catered events. The unique site layout required multiple structures of varying widths and heights that had to be married into one cohesive unit to create an attractive venue that would provide shelter from the elements. This frame structure features fully powder-coated white brackets and poles and has been one of the premier event sites in the Upstate South Carolina for more than a decade.

Custom Tents

TopTec’s in-house design team will ensure your client’s unique event can have that special, one-of-a-kind tent for their special day.

Customized Graphics – TopTec has a strategic partnership with the industry’s leading provider of large-format digital printing to offer custom graphics tents for weddings, annual festivals, product launches, corporate branding and special events that that extend brand presence and add a unique flair.

Customized Tops – From country weddings to downtown festivals, every site presents its own challenges. TopTec’s design team can customize your tent top to work around any obstruction – even trees.

Customized Frames – When your event demands multiple tent styles that need to work together, TopTec’s design team can customize frames for a seamless install between styles, sizes and even angles.

Customized Accessories – Whether your need cathedral windowed-sidewalls, wooden center poles or specialty trussing for lighting, TopTec’s design team can help you create the perfect atmosphere that will set your team apart from the competition and give your customer the perfect event they demand.

Customized Training – Never worry about a bad install. On-site training by a TopTec-trained representative ensures a perfect set-up every time. Just contact your TopTec account executive and ask about a customized Tent School for your team.

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