Sierra High Peak Keder Frame

Add flexibility to your inventory

Sierra High Peak Keder Frame tents are available as a complete package or as a conversion kit for existing FutureTrac owners.

  • Minimal investment for FutureTrac Owners for a High Peak Tent

  • Added rigidity for adverse weather conditions

  • Baseplate accepts 1” stakes for safe securing to the ground surface

  • Keder sliding sidewalls for added versatility

High Peak Top + Keder Frame = Flexibility

As a FutureTrac owner you can add a new product to your inventory for a minimal investment with TopTec’s new high peak conversion kit. Now you can marry the style of our Sierra high peak with the sturdy functionality of our FutureTrac keder series frames. TopTec’s new conversion kit melds your FutureTrac perimeter poles, legs and bases to TopTec’s Sierra high peak to accommodate sliding sidewalls and a sturdier frame that can stand strong through adverse weather conditions.

High Peak Conversion Kit Includes

  • 4 corner brackets

  • 2 cross cables

  • 1 Center pole

  • 1 Sierra High Peak top

Available Sizes

  • 10′ x 10′

  • 15′ x 15′

  • 20′ x 20′

Additional Details

  • 10′ Wide: Eave height/Leg Length: 8’, Overall Height: 12’6”, Pitch: 4’6”, # of legs: 4

  • 15′ Wide: Eave height/Leg Length: 8′, Overall Height: 14’6”, Pitch: 6’6” # of legs: 4

  • 20′ Wide: Eave height/Leg Length: 8′, Overall Height: 17’, Pitch: 9’ # of legs: 4

Available Colors


Manufactured with certified flame retardant vinyl

Valance Options

Catenary Valance