Modern Design makes this Tent Ideal for Corporate Events and Long Term Installations

From corporate events to long term installs, TopTec’s FutureLite series combines the technology of today’s structure fabric system and the install-friendly design of a 2” Western-style frame. Tops are electronically sealed to a Keder bead that slides through the Keder channel on each rafter and crown assembly, eliminating the need for ladder work and lacing. FutureLite tents are available with 10’ and 15’ increments.


  • Flat, vertical panels give a structured look

  • 10’ and 15’ extensions available for added flexibility

  • Durable keder tubes and reinforced, high-quality fabric ensure a longer product lifecycle

  • FutureLite’s unique track system allows simultaneous installation of tops, sidewalls lighting and liners for a 30% faster install time and less man-power at every set-up.

  • Gable fabric panels slide into rafters and join with a center zipper and Velcro rain flap

  • FutureLite’s interchangeable parts also mean there’s less inventory to track

  • Adjustable base plates also available

Available Sizes

  • 10′ Wide

  • 15′ Wide

  • 20′ Wide

  • 30′ Wide

Additional Details

  • 10′ Wide: Eave height/Leg Length: 7′, Overall Height: 9’6″, Pitch: 2’6″

  • 15′ Wide: Eave height/Leg Length: 7′, Overall Height: 10’6″, Pitch: 3’6″

  • 20′ Wide: Eave height/Leg Length: 7′, Overall Height: 12′, Pitch:5′

  • 30′ Wide: Eave height/Leg Length: 7′, Overall Height: 14’6″, Pitch: 7’6″

Available Colors


Manufactured with certified flame retardant vinyl

Valance Options

Scalloped Valance

Straight Valance

Catenary Valance

Double Valance Straight/Catenary

Double Valance Scalloped/Catenary