Epic Twin Pole

Easy Elegance for any Event

Perfect for upscale weddings and corporate events, the Epic Twin Pole’s elegant peaks and swooped tension top creates a dramatic roofline that turns any event into a special occasion. Plus the modern bat-wing valance adds a special flair that eliminates flat corners and water build up.  Practical and easy to erect, the Epic’s unique design simplifies installation and reduces labor costs to save you money while the sculptured tension shape eliminates flat corners and reduces water damage, so your tent lasts longer and performs better.


  • Sculptured valance and swooped tension top create a dramatic roofline for upscale events

  • Available with 30 ‘ Mids for easy expandability for large events

  • Engineered to withstand wind load requirements with a rigid frame for greater strength and durability

  • Meets IBC 20112 and ASCE 7-10 standards

  • Tension hip band free floats in hip pocket to eliminate water ponding in corners

  • 20’ end spacing offers more head height for lighting and AV set up

Available Sizes

  • 60′ x 40′

  • 80′ x 40′

Additional Details

  • 60′ x 40′ – Number of Poles: 2, Center Pole Length: 28′, Pitch: 20′

  • 80′ x 40′ – Number of Poles: 2, Center Pole Length: 28′, Pitch: 20′

Available Colors


Manufactured with certified flame retardant vinyl

Valance Options

Batwing Valance