A Pole Tent is a Pole Tent, right?  Wrong.

All pole tents aren’t created equally.

Tension tents – pole tents with structural elements that allow them to meet strict guidelines for engineered wind loads – use very specific construction methods to create a superior network of webbings throughout the top. That network of webbings is often joined to plates that tie them together to create the “bones” of the tent.  The structural fabrics, reinforcing plate systems and heavy duty webbings, are used in very specific ways in the construction of the tent that ultimately work together as a cohesive unit to resist very high winds and give the owner many years of service.

TopTec’s Epic series tension tents meet IBC 20112 and ASCE 7-10 standards with a sculptured tension shape that eliminates flat corners and reduces water damage for a longer lifespan and greater ROI.

Epic Tension Tents

TopTec’s Single and Twin Pole Epic tension tents stand out with a sculptured valance and swooped tension tops.

Our Epic series features a tension hip band that free floats in the hip pocked to eliminate water ponding in corners

TopTec’s 40, 50, 60 and 80 wide Epic series tents are engineered to withstand wind load requirements and meet IBC 2010 and ASCE 7-10 standards.

Webbing in Epic series tents are rated to 12,000lb for added durability which means long lifespans, fewer replacements and greater ROI for your business.

Let TopTec increase your tension tent rentals.

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